3D Modeling

Intuitive and simple way to draw accurately in 3D to produce detailed, professional grade models and documents.

BIM, Classification & Reporting

Easily import and export IFC files, export customizable reports for material and cost estimates in just a few clicks!

Dynamic Components

Create simple or complex components in your project. Add any related content you wish, from dimensions, vendor, price, to calculating formulas. One of our power users in China have applied over 10 patents and they have attributed it to using SketchUp and Dynamic Components!

Virtual Design & Construction

Critically plan and review processes with team mates by creating animated construction videos. Foresee challenges, manage supply chain, bridge communication gap with workers, reduce construction wastage and more.


LayOut (2D documentation tool)

Choose preferred 2D views from your 3D models. Pull out dimensions quickly using the LayOut tool. Generate textured and coloured drawings for contractors to understand easily, and black/white drawings for document submissions.

Extension Warehouse

600+ extensions from drawing curved lines to rendering. Optimize your workflow easily with free and paid third-party extensions. A specific workflow to meet certain standards? No problem, SketchUp’s usability is boundless as apps can be created to suit your organization’s needs.

3D Warehouse

Why waste time drawing from scratch when you have millions of models and textures at your disposal? Create a visual impact to your projects in a matter of seconds.


Unlimited Cloud Storage & data sharing

No worries about your files being too large with unlimited storage. Easily share files with your assigned team members.

User Activity Tracking

Easily track changes to your files.

BIM Viewing

Bring together 3D models of different formats: IFC, RVT, SKP,DWG, DXF, DGN, STEP, IGES in one single view.

Clash Detection

Check for structural conflict within a 3D model. Clash reports provide detailed views of the clashes in the 3D model, showing a clearance as a positive measurement and a clash as a negative measurement.

Create teams for collaboration

Define user groups, configure access permissions for team members and monitor project costs and maintenance requirements.

To-do list

Add To-do tasks for collaborators, facilitate communications and stay on top of project status by using view or add comments feature.


SketchUp Pro
SketchUp Studio
SketchUp Studio
For Student
3D Modeling

Dynamic Components

Import & Export IFC files

Export customizable reports

Construction sequence for VDC



Extension Warehouse

3D Warehouse

Walkthrough animations

SketchUp Viewer (Desktop, Mobile, VR, XR)

Scan Essentials

V-ray (Real-time visualization)

V-ray (Professional photorealistic images)

V-ray (Animations & 360°)

Trimble Connect

Style Builder

User Management