Solid Edge - Industry-leading 3D design software

Solid Edge is a portfolio of affordable, easy-to-use software tools that address all aspects of the product development process – 3D design, simulation, manufacturing, data management and more, thanks to a growing ecosystem of apps. Solid Edge combines the speed and simplicity of direct modeling with the flexibility and control of parametric design – made possible with synchronous technology.

Solid Edge ST10 -
Solid Edge is a product development portfolio.

Solid Edge ST10: Shaping the future of product development

The Solid Edge ST10 portfolio of products from Siemens brings every aspect of your product development to the next level. It gives you the very latest in next generation design technologies. Fully integrated flow analysis. The newest tools for 3D printing. More options for creating technical publications. Perfect control of design data at any scale. And a brand new way to collaborate on the cloud

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Design: Next generation design has arrived.

Simplify complex design and manufacturing challenges using new generative modeling, additive manufacturing and reverse engineering capabilities, all enabled by Siemens convergent modeling technology. Optimize products for weight, strength and material usage using topology optimization with generative design. 3D print parts yourself or access a network of additive manufacturing services and seamlessly integrate existing products into your development process.

Generative Design -

Supplementing powerful design tools with topology optimization, generative design speeds creation of lighter components perfectly suited for immediate manufacture via today’s additive processes.

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing -

Solid Edge additive manufacturing solutions enable you to create world class products using the latest 3D printing and additive manufacturing techniques

Reverse Engineering -

Many teams design products utilizing components imported from other CAD systems. With the rapid growth of high-resolution 3D scanners, even legacy parts designed on the drawing board can be digitally represented and modified to suit contemporary designs without complete reconstruction.

Convergent Modeling -

Solid Edge seamlessly combines traditional “b-rep” solid models with triangular mesh models without time-consuming and error-prone conversions. Convergent Modeling by Siemens allows for traditional b-rep operations on digitally scanned 3D data and models born out of generative design, reducing rework while supporting modern additive manufacturing processes for complex shapes.

Solid Edge Synchronous Technology -

Solid Edge makes creating and editing 3D product designs faster and easier through our unique synchronous technology - combining the speed and simplicity of direct modeling with the flexibility and control of parametric design.


Advanced Sheet Metal Design

Solid Edge provides a complete sheet metal design system with support for the entire design-through-fabrication process. Straight brake, rolled or transition type components can be created complete with flanges, holes, relief and corner options. You can validate designs for manufacturing, document the bend sequence and send flat pattern DXF files directly to production.

Assembly Creation and Management

Solid Edge makes it easy to design assemblies and manage part relationships, whether you’re dealing with a few components or hundreds of thousands of parts. Outstanding large assembly technology allows you to manage, build and view assemblies in real time, without sacrificing performance. Comprehensive digital prototyping capabilities allow you to build entire 3D digital prototypes and optimize your designs before production.

Solid Edge Simulation: Keep things fluid with built-in flow analysis.

Simulation capabilities for Solid Edge users range from Solid Edge Simulation Express for individual parts, to Solid Edge Simulation for assembly analysis, to Femap for defining and analyzing complete systems and FloEFD for Solid Edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD). These solutions provide a scalable upgrade path for those who are required to solve more challenging engineering problems.

Solid Edge Simulation

Solid Edge For Simulation

World Class FEA


Try Solid Edge for 45 Days

Take your product design to the next level with Solid Edge 3D CAD. Find out how Solid Edge drives unparalleled design productivity and engineering creativity, utilizing synchronous technology to deliver the speed and flexibility of direct modeling with the control of parametric design.

With 45-day access to the full version of Solid Edge, you can experience fast, flexible design changes, powerful assembly management, and seamless use of multi-CAD data.


Solid Edge Manufacturing: Make things great with integrated CAM and 3D printing tools

CAM Express from Siemens PLM Software is an in-depth, highly flexible system that allows you to maximize the value of your investments in the latest, most efficient and most capable machine tools. Easy to deploy and easy to learn, CAM Express provides powerful NC Programming with a low total cost of ownership and is a popular choice in the mold/die and aerospace industries.

CAM Express is an excellent solution for manufacturers who want to create CNC machining instructions for their Solid Edge models

  • Comprehensive, modular software
  • Feature based machining capabilities
  • Toolpaths are associative to Solid Edge models, easily updated to incorporate design changes
  • Can also be used independently of Solid Edge
  • Maximize the capabilities of your machine tools
  • Cloud-based hub for efficient post-processing
  • In-house 3D printing enhancements and 3D printing as a service
  • Design and print prototype and production parts using additive manufacturing


CAM Express

Top 10 reasons to buy CAM Express

Solid Edge Technical Publications: Interactive. Digital. Associative.

Solid Edge Technical Publications allow you to:

  • Quickly create detailed illustrations of your designs
  • Use animations that clearly communicate how your products work
  • Publish interactive digital documents for manufacturing work instruction packages
  • Create comprehensive maintenance manuals
  • Publish easy-to-navigate spare parts catalogs that encourage your customers to source their spare parts directly from you

E-Book Interactive


Solid Edge Data Management: Perfect control, no matter how big your data

Solid Edge Data Management provides a scalable set of data management solutions that meet the varying needs of small to large manufacturing organizations who may design simple or very complex products.

Built-in Solid Edge Data Management Capabilities

Solid Edge has many data management capabilities as an integral part of the core 3D CAD software. These include integration into Windows Explorer, which enables users to view thumbnails of parts and assemblies, and right click operations to open Solid Edge files in utilities like Revision Manager and View and Markup.

Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge

The Teamcenter® Integration for Solid Edge enables you to capture, manage and share your Solid Edge data, adding your 3D models and 2D drawings to a single source of product data for access by your design and manufacturing teams. Teamcenter supplies a full range of product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities to further optimize your design-through-manufacturing process.

Teamcenter integration for Solid Edge.

Solid Edge Portal: A new way to collaborate.

Solid Edge Portal - Secure cloud-based collaboration

  • Multi-platform browser based view & markup of Solid Edge, SolidWorks and other 3D CAD formats
  • Upload your files to secure cloud-based project folders
  • Invite other users, suppliers, and customers to securely collaborate in the cloud
  • Expands reach of cloud-enabled design