Newforma software connects project information silos to eliminate waste, promote best practices, maximize profitability and enhance your reputation. Newforma offers 4 Solutions by Industry.


Architecture Solutions
Project Information Management Software for Architects, Interior Designers and Planners


  • Newforma Project Information Management Software frees up billable hours, reduces turnaround time and promotes repeatable best practices, allowing architects to focus on design.

Engineering Solutions
Project Information Management Software for Building Engineers and Infrastructure Engineers

  • Newforma software provides tools you can use to streamline administrative chores, freeing time for your real job: designing great work, keeping projects on schedule and pleasing clients.

Construction Solutions
Project Information Management Software for General Contractors and Construction Managers

  • Newforma construction management software provides simple RFI management, a proven submittals process, easy view/mark-up tools and mobile apps; all at an affordable price.


Owner Solutions
Project Information Management Software for Owners and Developers

  • Newforma provides tools to manage construction. Even if you don’t manage your own projects. Newforma software captures a complete project record and makes it fully searchable.



Newforma Project Center
Manage project information for more successful project delivery.

  • Newforma Project Center software is the building and infrastructure industry’s most integrated and comprehensive solution for managing all forms of project information, whether at your office, from the cloud, or on the go. With innovations such as easy web access and seamless connectivity with other companies using Newforma software, it strengthens your entire project team.

Newforma Contract Management
Manage document and contract changes throughout the construction phase of a project.

Newforma® Contract Management is an add-on module to Newforma Project Center that provides a comprehensive solution for managing document and contract changes during the construction process. Whether it is reviewing and approving a submittal, providing an answer to an RFI, or managing changes to contracts, Newforma Project Management streamlines workflows, provides an audit trail, improves responsiveness, reduces delays, increases accountability, and improves project delivery.

  • Newforma Contract Management is adaptable to any of the primary project delivery methods, including traditional design-bid-build, design/build, fast track, and integrated project delivery methods.

Newforma Building Information Management
Streamline BIM workflows and improve decision-making


Newforma® Building Information Management is an add-on module to Newforma® Project Center that reduces risk, improves the management of BIM workflows, and enables more-informed decisions to be made more quickly.

  • Newforma Building Information Management features include the Newforma Project Information Link, which is an add-in to Revit; and the Newforma Model Viewer (powered by VEO® technology), which enables users to publish models to the cloud. Newforma Building Information Management integrates with Autodesk Revit Architecture, Autodesk Revit Structure, Autodesk Revit MEP design, and AutoCAD software.

Newforma Project Cloud
Web-based submittal and construction administration software


By integrating information from the design, construction and owner’s teams, Newforma® Project Cloud automates workflows related to submittals, RFIs, document approvals, PDF markups and general communication. Integration with Newforma mobile apps makes you as productive in the field as you are at the desk.

Newforma Mobile Apps
Be Confident Your Teams Are Working With The Most Current Project Information


Newforma Mobile Apps put project information at the fingertips of the people who need it, where they need it. Leave those cameras, notebooks, and paper drawings in the office. And instead of hiking back and forth from the trailer to consult project information, stay on-site, facilitating better communication, coordination and relationships.

  • Newforma app data synchronizes wirelessly with Newforma software used at the desk. Everything works together to reduce the chances of mistakes and expedite project delivery.

Newforma SmartUse
View, compare, mark up and share documents in Real Time


Newforma’s SmartUse app makes it easy and practical to replace paper plans and markups. It instantly relays changes, ensuring the entire team is working from the latest drawings and specs.

  • The SmartUse app works on multiple platforms, including the large, Windows touch screens that enable plan reviews at full size – the way teams prefer to collaborate.

Newforma LeanPlanner
Visual Production Planning Software For Design And Construction


Newforma® LeanPlanner brings your sticky notes and spreadsheets to the digital, mobile world, where reports are easy and transparency is unmatched. Built with the collaborative benefits of lean methodologies in mind, projects can be laid out in their entirety with input from workers involved at every step.

  • LeanPlanner takes your card wall out of the trailer and into the cloud, where on-the-fly reports help identify constraints and trackable communications open the door to team-wide problem solving.