Why Choose Kaspersky Lab ?


Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Enterprise-Level Security Solutions

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business offers a complete security solution, designed by the world’s leading security experts. The deepest, most forward-looking protection, efficient performance and straightforward management build through progressive tiers to fully secure your business.


Kaspersky endpoint total solutions datasheet


Kaspersky Security for Mail Server - Keeping corporate mail free from spam and malware

Kaspersky Security for Mail Server provides outstanding protection for traffic running through mail servers from spam, phishing and both generic and advanced malware threats, even in the most complex heterogeneous infrastructures

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Kaspersky Security for Storage - High-Performance Protection for your storages

Kaspersky Security for Storage provides robust, high-performance, scalable protection for valuable and sensitive corporate data stored on EMC Isilon™, Celerra and VNX™, NetApp, Hitachi, Oracle and IBM storage systems.