Workstation - The power & performance for your work demand.

Dell Precision™ workstations are our highest-performing and most scalable systems, specifically designed for graphics-intensive professionals in engineering, product design, animation and digital imaging, with features such as:

  • Multi-core processors for maximum power with multithreaded applications and multitasking environments.
  • Advanced-graphics card options from dependable 2D performance to unprecedented OpenGL® 3D performance.
  • LCD displays that let you view schematics and designs with UltraSharp™ or Truelife technology.


Plus, Dell Precision workstations are independent software vendor (ISV)-certified for ultimate reliability in advanced graphics and business applications:

  • Fixed workstations are perfect for analysts, engineers, architects, digital content creators and power users, who need extreme performance and virtually limitless scalability.
  • Mobile workstations are ideal for on-the-go professionals, who need a lightweight, certified workstation with extended battery life.
  • Rack workstations offer full workstation performance, scalability and a world-class remote access solution.

Server - Solutions designed to meet your business needs.

Get up and running quickly with the 13th generation of Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers. Designed and built to be more responsive, Dell PowerEdge servers are, in each case, embedded with a Lifecycle Controller to help simplify and speed up time-consuming IT tasks, such as:

  • System deployment
  • System updates
  • Workload migration
  • Hardware configuration
  • Running diagnostics


Every PowerEdge server also comes with the latest version of Dell Management Console (DMC) that provides a single unified view of your data center and enables the management of multiple chassis and blades — all fed from a single database repository. Whether you need systems designed for your small business or servers to help power an enterprise-class data center, Dell offers preconfigured solutions designed to meet your growing business needs.

Storage - Solutions for your business growth.

It's the age-old conundrum: the more your business grows, the more business intelligence you generate. Successfully being able to share, store, protect and retrieve the ever-increasing mounds of data can be the competitive edge that accelerates your presence in the marketplace.

As your business matures and evolves, your technology and storage requirements follow a similar growth pattern.

To help you manage these expanding business demands, Dell provides businesses such as yours, with an array of storage solutions that fits into your growth plans now, with a strategy to help you grow later.

Capacity expansion:

First, you may find that you have to expand capacity on your existing server systems so you would need to add disk storage capacity that you get with Dell™ PowerVault™ direct attached storage (DAS) solutions.

File sharing:

As you add remote locations or expand office facilities, you may need a system that provides and adds file sharing that attaches to your network such as Dell's line of PowerVault network attached storage (NAS) system.

Storage consolidation:

When your database files or application data increase and you require very large amounts of storage space, you may need to consolidate and create a high-availability storage area network (SAN) for data storage solution.

Wherever you are into growing your business, Dell can help advise you in choosing solutions that not only fit into your budget, but also deliver the technology that helps you run your business efficiently and economically.