Autodesk Structural Bridge Design - An integrated structural bridge design solution

Structural Bridge Design software gives you greater flexibility and efficiency in your bridge design processes. Perform integrated loading, analysis, and code checking of small- to medium-span bridges and deliver design reports faster. Rely on more accurate, consistent, and verifiable data throughout the project lifecycle


Features and Benefits :

a. Accelerate project refinement

Create detailed designs faster with productivity tools that help you define bridge components and easily incorporate them into the analytical model. Save time with automatic calculations of section properties for all shapes and materials. Allow for stages of construction to support a faster design process on small to medium bridge projects.

Structural Bridge Design software, formerly Sam Integrated Bridge Design software, automatically generates optimized traffic loading in a fully integrated environment. This enables you to refine design options faster with automated change updates in a "define-analyze-code check" loop.

b. Validate requirements with reliable reporting

Better understand structural behavior with side-by-side graphical displays of data and results at all stages of analysis and design.

  • Review pass/fail criteria for beams from graphical displays of actual and limiting load effects.
  • Use detailed hand-style design sheets that are created with full formulas and code referencing to review code check requirements.
  • Clarify reports and aid in the checking process with embedded screen graphics within the calculation sheet.


c. Deliver better reports faster

Design sections and bridge beams based on a variety of international standards—including Eurocodes, AASHTO LRFD, British Standards, and Australian and New Zealand Standards. Develop a more economical solution using a single system that doesn’t require import or export or need to convert data. Create reports that need minimal editing by generating calculations directly from the system, which helps you save time and money.