Autodesk Helius PFA - Powerful tools for progressive failure analysis

Helius PFA software, provides fast, accurate and flexible tools for enhanced FEA of composite structures, including progressive failure analysis.

Helius PFA offers tools for failure analysis and FEA analysis early in the product development process.


Efficient failure analysis capabilities -

See how Helius PFA software provides accurate, efficient composite simulation and failure analysis to help you reduce testing and shorten design cycles.

Helius PFA features


Advanced Material Exchange

Structural assemblies - Map manufacturing data to structural FEA meshes

As-manufactured simulation using Moldflow - Import Moldflow data for improved accuracy

Residual strains - Include manufacturing effects in your simulation

Support for Moldflow materials - Incorporate Moldflow materials into your FEA code

Multiple Analysis Type

Static analysis - Apply static loading and simulate progressive failure

Explicit analysis - Simulate dynamic failure events

Fatigue analysis - Determine the fatigue life of your structure

Advanced Composite Analysis

Compression material response - Include compressive states in your simulations

Compression material response - Include compressive states in your simulations

Progressive failure analysis- Simulate the progression of composite failure

Composite delamination - Predict intraply and interply failure

Reduced mesh sensitivity - Control material degradation for your structure

Multiscale analysis - Start and spread damage at the fiber/matrix level

Element deletion - Work within standards to remove simulation elements

Process Efficiency

Convergence and computational efficiency - Increase the convergence rate of nonlinear FEA

Simplified material input - Customize prepopulated material library, or use as is

Direct FEA integration - Enhance existing Abaqus, ANSYS, or NASTRAN FEA