Autodesk Simulation - Predict product performance with simulation

Autodesk simulation software helps you predict, validate, and optimize your products using accurate analyses you can trust.

Simulation 2018 Overview Brochure


Autodesk CFD – Computational fluid dynamics software


Tools for Computational Fluid Dynamics

Surface wrapping - Improved workflow for better mesh quality

Particle tracing – Better understand circulation and flow

High-quality visualization - Use visualization tools to create stunning imagery and near photorealistic rendering

Flow control applications - Optimize your industrial flow control devices

Architectural and MEP applications - Improve building efficiency with optimized design

Design Study environment - Use intuitive workflows to study design iterations

Intelligent automatic mesh sizing - Use geometry and mesh automation

Thermal management - Use digital prototyping for thermal designs

Free surface modelling - Simulate interfaces between liquids and gases. Model flow phenomena like waves, sloshing, and spilling

Custom result equations - Create custom equations for visual results

CAD connections - Create associative simulations for computational fluid dynamics