Simulation-Driven Product Development

By helping our customers verify how their new products will work before ever making a prototype, we save them time and money. Perhaps more importantly, we give them confidence that their products will perform flawlessly in service — an invaluable business asset. We call this process Simulation-Driven Product Development.

The ANSYS suite spans the entire range of physics, so no product design challenge is beyond our capabilities. Our software not only delivers efficiency, it drives innovation. It reduces or eliminates physical constraints, enabling simulated tests that might otherwise not be possible. It also fosters what-if thinking, so engineers can readily explore design alternatives for an optimal solution. Because our software enables you to test thousands of designs in the time it used to take to build a single prototype, the possibilities are endless. But when this exploration is done, Simulation-Driven Product Development will steer you to the single, best solution.


3-D Design

The Company’s Discovery™ product family allows every engineer to benefit from the insight of simulation in their product design. The Discovery products range from early design exploration tools powered by interactive real-time simulation and intuitive geometry editing, to detailed product validation solutions utilizing proven flagship solver technology with easy-to-use guided workflows. These tools allow for design engineers of all levels of expertise to utilize simulation across the entire product design process and to work seamlessly with simulation experts using ANSYS flagship products for even more advanced analysis.

Discovery SpaceClaim

Increase productivity and find innovative solutions with Discovery SpaceClaim. Create and even edit and repair corrupt 3D models or faceted files types for use downstream. Model concepts or perform detailed design with this 3D design tool that makes CAD modelling easy, fun, and fast. Prepare models for manufacturing, 3D printing, or simulation with the same tools, or reverse engineer faceted/STL files.

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Discovery Live

For the first time, engineerings can perform simulation almost in real-time with Discovery Live. This interactive, instantaneous simulation environment allows engineers across disciplines at all career stages to explore concepts and designs. Discovery LIVE is dramatically simpler than other simulation tools: run your first analysis while you design. Iterate, interact, and explore changes with immediate updates and results.


Discovery AIM

Predict complete product performance and gain results you can trust with Discovery AIM. This simulation tool provides industry-leading accuracy, comprehensive physics, guided workflows, and even allows for optimisation in early and late stage design. All simulation workflow aspects are included in a single window design: thermals, electromagnetic, fluids, structures, and multi physics using the same solvers as the flagship ANSYS products.

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The Company's fluids product suite enables modeling of fluid flow and other related physical phenomena. Fluid flow analysis capabilities provide all the tools needed to design and optimize new fluids equipment and to troubleshoot already existing installations. The suite contains general-purpose computational fluid dynamics software and specialized products to address specific industry applications.




The Company's structural analysis product suite offers simulation tools for product design and optimization that increase productivity, minimize physical prototyping and help to deliver better and more innovative products in less time. These tools tackle real-world analysis problems by making product development less costly and more reliable. In addition, these tools have capabilities that cover a broad range of analysis types, elements, contacts, materials, equation solvers and coupled physics capabilities, all targeted toward understanding and solving complex design problems.




Advancements in semiconductor design and manufacturing enable smaller electronic architectures. Shrinking geometries, especially in the emerging 3D IC, FinFET and stacked-die architectures, reveal design challenges related to power and reliability. The Company's power analysis and optimization software suite manages the power budget, power delivery integrity and power-induced noise in an electronic design, from initial prototyping to system sign-off. These solutions deliver accuracy with correlation to silicon measurement; the capacity to handle an entire electronic system, including IC, package and PCB, efficiently for ease-of-debug and fast turnaround time; and comprehensiveness to facilitate cross-domain communications and electronic ecosystem enablement.




The Company's electronics product suite provides field simulation software for designing high-performance electronic and electromechanical products. The software streamlines the design process and predicts performance of mobile communication and internet-access devices, broadband networking components and systems, integrated circuits (ICs) and printed circuit boards (PCBs), as well as electromechanical systems such as automotive components and power electronics equipment, all prior to building a prototype.



Embedded Software

The Company's SCADE ® product suite is a comprehensive solution for embedded software simulation, code production and automated certification. It has been developed specifically for use in critical systems with high dependability requirements, including aerospace, rail transportation, nuclear, industrial and, more recently, automotive applications. SCADE software supports the entire development workflow, from requirements analysis and design, through verification, implementation and deployment. SCADE solutions easily integrate with each other and the rest of the ANSYS product suite, allowing for development optimization and increased communication among team members.